Winching Service

Emergency Winching Service in North York


When it comes to driving on the road, whether in busy city streets or out on the highway, there are very few guarantees. Accidents can happen and you can get stuck in unsteady ground. That’s why Tow Truck North York offers a full range of towing services and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to motorists across GTA.

Our tow truck operators are experienced in all types of winching services, emergency towing and recovery. If your vehicle is stuck on a ditch, mud, sand, sleet or snow, give us a call and we will make your rescue our top priority. We understand that getting caught in unsteady ground is an urgent matter and will treat your call as an emergency. 

North York Winching Service You Can Count On

As a local North York towing company, we know and understand Ontario streets and highways. We have seen, recovered and pulled out all types of vehicles in many different situations. Our operators have performed countless winching rescues from the most common, like being stuck in mud to more dangerous situations where vehicles are stuck in snow and sometimes even water.

We will arrive at your location within 20 minutes of your call if not sooner. As soon as we get you to safety and away from any potential harm, our technicians will get to work using our state of the art winching equipment.

With the aid of our powerful, fully motorized winch cables and wheel lift tow truck we will safely extract your vehicle to get it back on solid ground. With years of experience, our tow truck technicians have mastered the art of strategic winching. We strive to pull out your vehicle as quickly and as carefully as possible avoiding further damage to your car.  

​We have a variety of tow trucks equipped with powerful winch motors, designed for everything from light to heavy duty winching services. Whether you are driving the family car and got stuck on a ditch or need help pulling heavy machinery across a field, we have the equipment and the expertise to get the job done right. 

24/7 Roadside Service in North York

Sometimes after our North York towing team pulls out a vehicle, there are other automotive issues preventing the vehicle to start or operate. Our tow truck professionals have the ability to analyze the problem and resolve minor fixes on site. This is often a cheaper alternative than going to a repair shop. In cases where the damage is more severe than anticipated, we will be more than happy to bring you and your vehicle to your auto repair shop of choice.

We are proud to have the one of the best-equipped fleet in the region that offers multiple towing and roadside services at affordable rates. Whether you need emergency winching services, fuel delivery, battery boost, lockout services, flat tire repair and replacement, we are the North York towing company to call.

In order to help us provide a quicker and better winching service, please provide as much information as you can. Details about your location and the condition of your vehicle will enable us to bring the right equipment we need to get you to safety.  

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