What are the benefits of tire rotation

Benefits of Tire Rotation

With the change of the seasons, you might hear your mechanic talking about tire rotation. Mechanics will talk to you about the importance of bringing your car in and rotating the tires, but you might not see the point in paying someone to take the tires off only to just put them right back on again, in a different spot. Here’s why you should rotate your tires regularly, though.

Less Tread Wear and Tear
Even though it looks like the weight of your vehicle is evenly distributed, your tires will actually wear unevenly due to many factors: temperature, driver habits, roads driven on, etc. By rotating the tires on your vehicle you can balance out the wearing of the tread on your tires which will actually extend the tread life of your tires overall. For cars that are front-wheel drive, the front tires bear the bigger burden of driving so by regularly moving the front tires to the back you can give those individual tires a little break.

Better Performance
If you don’t complete at least a seasonal tire rotation on your vehicle then the performance, stability and even riding comfort of your vehicle could be compromised. When fresh, or just better, tires are put on a specific area of your vehicle it can really help with things like safe stopping on wet roads or gripping snow when the weather changes. Further, uneven wear of the vehicle could mean more stress on specific areas of your vehicle which could translate to higher repair bills overall for you.

Better Gas Efficiency
Tire rotation actually decreases the amount of work effort it takes for your vehicle to drive. If the tires are even, then the stability of the vehicle is increased and that means your vehicle will run more smoothly and efficiently. Better gas efficiency means less money out of pocket you’re paying for your vehicle.

Save Money
Most of the money you’ll save from regular tire rotation will be in form of car repair bills you don’t have to pay. The second way you’ll be likely to save money is where you don’t have to buy new tires prematurely. If the tires aren’t even then you will likely find you’re replacing tires more frequently than you should. When your tires are even and don’t prematurely wear on one side then your car is more balanced and you will not have to worry about those extra repair bills. Issues like alignments or ball joints can become very expensive, very quickly so if a quick service like tire rotation – which is similar in cost to an oil change – can keep that extra money in your pocket then why not?

Sometimes it might seem like a mechanic is just trying to sell you on something you don’t really need to make some extra money, but if you can find a mechanic shop you trust then you know they are just looking out for you. If you have any questions about completely this service on your vehicle, ask your mechanic for information as they are the experts on vehicles and are there to help you. 

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