Why Would Your Electric Car Need Roadside Assistance?

Why Would Your Electric Car Need Roadside Assistance?

HowElectric cars are becoming much more popular as drivers everywhere are starting to make environmentally friendly options. Electric cars are better for the environment, and the components of the vehicle are built differently than traditional gas vehicles are so they don’t need to be replaced as often. Even though they are meant to last longer there are still reasons your electric vehicle could require roadside assistance, or may even need the help of a tow truck to be brought into a dealership. Here are the top 4 reasons your electric car may need roadside assistance.

Ran out of Battery
Electric gars, we know, don’t run on gas like traditional vehicles do. They have batteries to move them forward but batteries don’t last forever. This issues is common and fairly simple to fix, but if you didn’t have quite as much battery life as you thought this might leave you stranded between charging stations. Batteries in electric vehicles are getting better as technology improves, but they still only have so much charge to them and sometimes drivers forget about this. Additionally, public charging stations aren’t really common yet so it could mean you can’t find a place to charge the battery while you’re out and about and you might need some help.

Dead Battery
While this might seem like the same as running out of charge, it’s actually not. A dead battery means it actually won’t hold a charge anymore, so even if you can get to a charging station it won’t help you out. As mentioned, technology is getting better but no battery lasts forever (yet!) so eventually the battery in your electric vehicle will need to be replaced, and you’ll need it towed to a mechanic shop or dealership to get a new one.

While some components of your electric vehicle are different than a gas one, there are still some that are the same and brakes are one of them. Brakes will wear down over time, on any vehicle, and if yours haven’t been well maintained or replaced when they should be then you may experience issues with them and have to call roadside assistance if they seize up.

As great as electric vehicles are, they still use the same tires that all other vehicles do and those tires are susceptible to issues. Over time, the tread will wear down or you could run over a sharp object and come out to a flat tire after work. What’s interesting about electric vehicles is that they are actually heavier than their counterparts with combustion engines due to the battery system adding a lot of weight to the vehicle. Knowing that, it’s been observed that electric vehicles may actually wear tires down quicker because they put more weight on each of the tires.

Electric vehicles are becoming incredibly popular and they are definitely a great addition towards reducing our carbon footprint, but they will still break down and they still might need roadside assistance or even a tow truck to bring the vehicle in for maintenance. 

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